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In The News A Body's Burden: Our Chemical Legacy
By Douglas Fisher
Regional Environmental Reporter
The Oakland Tribune, March 18, 2005

In a pioneering study, the Oakland Tribune paid to have a Bay Area family tested for a suite of chemical pollutants. The results stunned even scientists. This three-part series can be accessed for free. The site also includes details on the testing, a chemical index, tips for reducing household chemical use, a body burden quiz, and a list of web resources.

What's In You?
Meet the Hammond Hollands. They could be any of us. Tests show surprising levels of everyday consumer chemicals in their hair, blood and urine.

The Great Experiment
Advances in chemistry have made life more comfortable than ever. But we may be getting more than we bargained for.

The Body Chemical
Our body burden may not kill, but it threatens with insidious debilities - a child robbed of a few IQ points, a couple struggling to conceive.

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