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Updates of Interest Archive
Comments on the Obama Administration review of Presidential Executive Order
Comments filed with the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on behalf of SEHN and 24 co-signers. Executive Order 12,866 should be discarded in favor a new environmental decision making structure that prioritizes protection of the earth rather than maximizing economic growth.
Resolving the Paradoxes of Discounting in Environmental Decisions (PDF)
Journal of Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems (TLCP Website)
Joseph H. Guth, J.D., Ph.D.
SEHN Legal Director Joe Guth argues in a new article "Resolving the Paradoxes of Discounting in Environmental Decisions" that "discounting" holds the key to understanding why our economic and legal systems are having such a difficult time controlling mounting, long-term environmental degradation. We must build a new environmental law that does not rely on cost-benefit analysis or discounting, and is designed instead to maintain the ecological integrity of the earth.
An Environmental Right for Future Generations
A new SEHN publication, Models for Protecting the Environment for Future Generations (PDF Report), describes how ombudsmen, guardians, and other legal instruments could help guarantee a habitable planet for future humans. An accompanying document, Model State Constitutional Provisions & Model Statute (PDF Report), provides actual blueprint laws that states and tribes can use to implement these instruments and fulfill the ethical mandate to guarantee a livable world for future generations.
The BCF honors Ted Schettler
Breast Cancer Fund's Heroes Tribute
Thursday, April 30, 2009, 5:30 p.m., San Francisco
Speaker's Bureau
SEHN staff members, including Carolyn Raffensperger, Ted Schettler, Joe Guth and Katie Silberman, are available for speaking engagements, workshops, public testimony, media contacts, or other collaborations with local groups. We have a great deal of experience speaking on the precautionary principle, ecological medicine, future generation guardianship, law for the ecological age, chemicals policy, the environment and spirituality, and environmental health both broadly and specifically. Please see Speaker's Bureau for more information.
Law for the Ecological Age
Now available! SEHN Legal Director Joe Guth lays out the case for "Law for the Ecological Age" in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law.
Kid Safe Chemicals Act of 2008
SEHN's comments on the Kid Safe Chemicals Act of 2008, the current effort in Congress to overhaul chemicals policy.
Katie Silberman's testimony before the EPA
Associate Director Katie Silberman's testimony before the federal Environmental Protection Agency, commenting on the agency's proposed new standards for airborne lead.
"Eco-Healthy Childcare" Program
SEHN is pleased to announce our participation in the new "Eco-Healthy Childcare" program. This innovative program educates childcare providers on environmental health issues, such as lead, mercury and mold; endorses providers who adopt best practice techniques; and advertises and seeks media stories to help market childcares that have gone ‘eco-healthy.’ If you would like to green your childcare facility, Click Here. See also the Brochure and Checklist.
Center for Health, Environment & Justice Auction
CHEJ’s annual "Making the Link" Online Auction launched on the 1st of November. The auction features organic, fair trade, and earth-friendly items and helps raise awareness of the link between our health and the environment.

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