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In The News The Berkeley City Council passed its Precautionary Principle Ordinance
The Berkeley City Council passed its Precautionary Principle Ordinance on
March 7, 2006.

There was broad support from the City Council, City Manager, and many stakeholders, including City Commissions. Berkeley becomes the second U.S. city to pass a precautionary principle ordinance, after San Francisco.

Ordinance sponsor and Council member Kriss Worthington said that while he supported the ordinance, the involvement of an interested public will be important to make implementation real in the world, and to build on the spirit of collaboration that accompanies the ordinance's passage.

Bay Area Working Group on the Precautionary Principle members Breast Cancer Action (Pauli Ojea), Breast Cancer Fund (Joan Reinhardt Reiss), and Commonweal (Davis Baltz) provided oral and/or written public comment in support of the ordinance's passage to the Council as did Community Health Commission member Tom Kelly. Council received numerous letters and emails in the run-up to the meeting.

Read the entire Berkeley City Council Precautionary Principle Ordinance.

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