Science & Environmental Health Network

Science, Ethics and Action in the Public Interest
Science & Environmental Health Network - Precautionary Principle: Non-Government Positions
Broad International Coalition Issues Urgent Call For Strong Oversight of Nanotecnology (PDF)

Principles for the Oversight of Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials (PDF)
July 31, 2007

The Bemidji Statement on Seventh Generation Guardianship
Indigenous Environmental Network

July 2006

Environmental Stewardship Policies for Kaiser Permanente

  1. Kaiser Permanente Comprehensive Chemicals Policy
  2. National Environmental Purchasing Policy
  3. Kaiser Permanente’s Comprehensive Food Policy to Promote Individual
    and Environmental Health

Hawaii's Public Trust Doctrine case

The Precautionary Principle in Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management
An issues paper for policy-makers, researchers and practitioners

IUCN Policy and Global Change Group

United Methodist Church Statement On The Precautionary Principle
June 2000

American Public Health Association Resolution
November 15, 2000

International Chamber of Commerce, Perspective on the
Precautionary Approach


European Chemical Industry Council Position Paper on the
Precautionary Principle

The Precautionary Principle, industry and lawmaking.

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