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Science In The CourtsSEHN Executive Director Carolyn Raffensperger writes a monthly column for the Environmental Law Institute. Read Carolyn Raffensperger’s articles on science, the environment, and the law, originally published by The Environmental Law Institute (ELI). The Environmental Law Institute is an independent research and education center working in the fields of environmental law, policy, and management. ELI is based in Washington, DC.

  Science In The Courts - The Environmental Law Institute Articles

Human Rights and Humanity’s Survival November-December 2007
An Imagined Firm Letter to Industry September-October 2007
Disasters’ Lesson: Greener Buildings July-August 2007
A State Preempts the U.S. Navy May-June 2007
Brief Cites Crimes Against Nature March-April 2007
Many Definitions, But One Principle January-February 2007
A Doctrine We Can All Live With November-December 2006
In Thailand, A Green Court Rethinks Law September-October 2006
Power Tool: Public Nuisance Suits May-June 2006
Arguing Pollution Is Legal Under CWA March-April 2006
New Alaskan Gold Rush To Judgement January-February 2006
Why Won't Feds Regulate Mercury? November-December 2005
Disaster Highlights Dual Roles of Corps September-October 2005
Say it Loud: Noise Pollution Hurts, Kills July-August 2005
Bees Win Pesticide Case; Birds Next? May-June 2005
Cumulative Impacts and Precaution March-April 2005
Some Positive Bush Moves Help Wildlife January-February 2005
Better Chemistry Through Lawsuits November-December 2004
What the Ocean Dead Zone Tells Us September-October 2004
Funding Research for the Common Good July-August 2004
Green Chemistry in EPA and Congress May-June 2004
Why Industry Wants Rules Peer Reviewed March-April 2004
Science Wins Case on Sharing Resource January-February 2004
EPA Failure 'Defies Common Sense' November-December 2003
Illegal Chemical Warfare By U.S. September-October 2003
U.S. Vs. Old Europe On Biotechnology July-August 2003
Precaution And A Theory Of Property May-June 2003
Toxic Torts And The Legacy Of War March-April 2003
Bush Brings Sounds Of Silence, Not Science January-February 2003
A Lawyer's Legacy Haunts Environment November-December 2002
Campaign Finance Reform and the Courts September-October 2002
Toxic Tort System Fails The Basic Test May-June 2002
Protective Orders And The Right-To-Know March-April 2002
When The Law Of Tort Causes Harm January-February 2002
Bio Treaty, Spurned By Bush, Is Back November-December 2001
Is Ethanol Answer To MTBE? Maybe September-October 2001
Dam Nation: End Of An Economic Era? July-August 2001
Bush Climate Halt Denies Growing Facts May-June 2001
Dioxin Danger Passed From Father To Son March-April 2001
Exotic Species Come With Trade Increase January-February 2001
Reg Chaos Seen In Biotech Corn Error November-December 2000
Exploiting 'Science' Flaw In Whale Law September-October 2000
A Time To Reap What We Have Sown July-August 2000
How Much Choloform Is Good For You? May-June 2000
New Biotech Protocol Modifies Trade Rules March-April 2000
Background Level No Excuse To Pollute January-February 2000
Conflict, Complexity In Law and Habitat November-December 1999
Using Precaution In A U.S. Legal Context September-October 1999
Science At Nexus of NAAQA Decision July-August 1999


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