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Government Positions - US

NJ Precaution Ordinance 2010

Mendocino County Supervisors Adopt Precautionary Principle June 27, 2006

Toxics Reduction Strategy: A plan for minimizing use of toxic substances of concern in government operations by using the Precautionary Principle April 2006

The Berkeley City Council passes Precautionary Principle Ordinance March 7, 2006

Emeryville CA School District Resolution for Healthy Environmentally Sound Schools 2006

New Mexico Legislature Urges the Adoption of the Precautionary Principle for State Departments 2005

San Francisco Precautionary Purchasing Ordinance June 2005

New York State Legislation April 2005

Bill A07256 To protect public health and the environment by establishing a precautionary policy for state and local governments in New York State. Summary: s-A07256.pdf Text: t-A07256.pdf

Bill A07257 To establish a preference for the purchase of commodities, services, and technologies by the State of New York that minimize potential adverse impacts on public health and the environment. Summary: s-A07257.pdf Text: t-A07257.pdf

State of Hawaii House and Senate Resolutions and Precaution 2004

Cal EPA's Environmental Justice Action Plan (PDF) October, 2004

Marin County, CA Resolution October 2004

Multnomah County, OR Resolution September 2004

San Francisco Precautionary Principle Ordinance (MS Word doc) 

San Francisco Government Website (read online) June 2003

San Francisco White Paper March 2003

New York State Legislation March 4, 2003

Updates on the US position on the precautionary principle and food safety.

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