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Precautionary Principle - Publications

Precautionary Tools for Reshaping Environmental PolicyPrecautionary Tools for Reshaping Environmental PolicyNancy Myers and Carolyn Raffensperger, editors. MIT Press, 2006

The leading hands-on guide to how to use the precautionary principle in your own community. Edited by SEHN staff and featuring contributions from leading activists from around the country, this book helps you put the principle into practice.

See table of contents and sample chapters and purchase the book at the MIT Press website.

Precaution's Reach: A Principle in Action The Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE)

Advancing The Precautionary Agenda SEHN is pleased to release a new report, "Advancing The Precautionary Agenda," examining the role of the precautionary principle across sectors. The report draws a picture of shared ideas, challenges, and hopes for integrating precaution in a broad-based fashion.

New documents available by Science and Environmental Health Network and smartMeme Strategy & Training Project: "The Future of Foresight: Long Term Strategic Considerations for Promoting the Precautionary Principle" and "Mapping 2020: Charting a Precautionary Future - Exploring Scenarios for the Unfolding Precautionary Movement".

Canada’s Supreme Court supports pesticide ban "More than 70 municipalities (including Vancouver, British Columbia; Montreal, Quebec; and Halifax, Nova Scotia) have already passed bylaws prohibiting the cosmetic use of pesticides, and many more cities are poised to pass bans now that the Supreme Court has cleared the way." Early bans cited the precautionary principle.

The Precautionary Principle Multinational Monitor, Sept 2004, Vol 25, No 9 Includes articles by Nancy Myers, Peter Montague, Joe DiGangi, and an interview with Carolyn Raffensperger

The Precautionary Principle and Environmental Policy: Science, Uncertainty, and Sustainability International Journal of Occupational Environmental Health, Vol. 6, No. 3, Oct/Dec 2000 Special Series Guest Editor: Carl Smith Contributors: Andrea Ahrens, Clifton Curtis, Gwynne Lyons, Susan Mayer, Nancy Myers, Carolyn Raffensperger, Claudia Saladia, Elizabeth Salter, Ted Schettler, Carl Smith, Andy Stirling, Joe Thorton, Joel Tickner.

Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Implementing the Precautionary Principle, 1999.Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Implementing the Precautionary Principle, 1999

Carolyn Raffensperger, Joel Tickner, and Wes Jackson et al. The most comprehensive exploration to date of the history, theory, and implementation of the precautionary principle, this book expands on papers presented at the seminal 1998 Wingspread Conference on the Precautionary Principle. Buy this book at Island Press.

The Precautionary Principle Handbook A 1998 SEHN guide to applying the precautionary principle. Written by Joel Tickner, Carolyn Raffensperger, and Nancy Myers. For updated information on applying the precautionary principle, see excerpts from Precautionary Tools for Reshaping Environmental Policy. N.B. This link will download the Precautionary Principle Handbook in Rich Text Format (.rtf).