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Read Me First


Before you start adding content, be sure to give this a read: Pages have been prepared for all of the SEHN topics that appear in the menu on the homepage.  They have a special template that will allow you to stay true to the form on the current website.

For example, go to the ecological medicine page to add the static content currently found at the top of this same topic page.

After you have added the static content, scroll down the editor page to find the "Show Topics Posts Below Page Content," panel.  Check the category of posts that you would like to display under this page's content (ecological medicine).

Now, go and add all of the separate entries as different posts.  Place these posts in the ecological medicine category.

The ecological medicine page will now output in the same format as the old website's ecological medicine page.

Note: if you use the more tag in any of your posts, only the content from before this tag will show.  Otherwise, all of the content in a give post from the chosen category will be displayed.