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Ethical Economics


Economics for Equity and the Environment: E3 A brand-new effort in economic analysis and practice, E3 is seeking to organize economists to work with environmental groups. The initial agenda includes:

  • the creation of internships, summer training institutes, and dissertation support, in order to encourage graduate students and young researchers to relate their professional work to the needs of environmental advocates;
  • a web-based directory of economists open to collaboration with environmental groups; and
  • the development of task forces of economists to produce analyses supporting active environmental protection.


Adbusters True Cost Economics A student action campaign to "revolutionize economics before our planet is destroyed. We need a new economic paradigm - one that is open, holistic, and human scale - and this website offers a blueprint for getting there. Prepare yourself with some background information about economics in the Old paradigm and New paradigm sections then roll up your sleeves and launch into action on your campus. The economic revolution begins with jamming Economics departments. It ends with an entirely new way to measure progress."


Association of Environmental and Resource Economists "AERE was established as a means of exchanging ideas, stimulating research, and promoting graduate training in resource and environmental economics."

See especially the Research page for databases and bibliographies on resource valuation.


Csrwire "CSRwire is the leading source of corporate social responsibility and sustainability news, reports and information. CSRwire members are companies and NGOs, agencies and organizations interested in communicating their corporate citizenship, sustainability, and socially responsible initiatives to a global audience through CSRwire's syndication network and weekly News Alerts. CSRwire content covers issues of Diversity, Philanthropy, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Environment, Human Rights, Workplace Issues, Business Ethics, Community Development and Corporate Governance."


International Society for Ecological Economists "ISEE facilitates understanding between economists and ecologists and the integration of their thinking into a trans-discipline aimed at developing a sustainable world."

See especially the Ecological Economics Encyclopedia



Investor Environmental Health Network "As managers and investors seeking sustainable long-term returns from our investments, we are working to ensure the companies we invest in are taking appropriate steps to reduce risks associated with the toxic chemicals used in their products. They should also take advantage of the strategic market opportunities that are emerging as governments, businesses, and consumers demand safer, less toxic products. We believe companies need to keep investors fully informed of these risks and rewards."


Redefining Progress "The nation’s leading policy institute dedicated to smart economics, Redefining Progress develops solutions that help people, protect the environment, and grow the economy."

See especially the Sustainability Indicators Program, which "provides communities, public officials, and business leaders with analytical tools and educational programs that help protect our environment and promote a more equitable and just society. RP conducts independent research to support sustainability campaigns of our partners and provides sustainability analysis services for municipal, non-profit, business, and educational clients."


Rocky Mountain Institute "Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit organization. We foster the efficient and restorative use of resources to make the world secure, just, prosperous, and life-sustaining.

"Our staff shows businesses, communities, individuals, and governments how to create more wealth and employment, protect and enhance natural and human capital, increase profit and competitive advantage, and enjoy many other benefits-largely by doing what they do far more efficiently."

RMI's library contains many economic valuation studies on water, energy, and other topics.