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conversations: a WCFFG project

Let’s have a conversation.

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Hello everyone and welcome to “conversations” a Women’s Congress for Future Generations project, I’m your host Kayhla.

As many of you already know, the Women’s Congress is a project of the Science & Environmental Health Network. At SEHN we aim to serve communities using  science, ethics, and law as tools for action to protect the earth and future generations.

& Through the Women’s Congress we aim to bring women of all walks of life together for justice. Intervening and using our fierce spirit as women to create a world where future generations of all species will thrive.

As Ann Manning, Director of the WC would say, “The WCFFG is that place where we can all gather to reimagine a future that includes everyone. “ This project, a kind of podcast, is designed with the intention to connect with our communities through story. In a time where I think story is incredibly important.

When talking about the current social & political climate and well…CLIMATE climate, I often reflect back  to a quote by Joanna Macy—“Yes. It’s bleak. So what?”  

I think it’s incredibly easy to be discouraged right now. BUT there are millions of people out there in the world with incredible stories whose voices aren’t immediately recognized and brought to the table. In keeping with the spirit and mission of the Women’s Congress, we aim to not only bring these voices to the table, but amplify them in conversation.

Kayhla Cornell