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Let’s have a conversation.

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a conversation with Heather Gerhart: Digital Storytelling, Acts of Bravery, & Hope

We’re excited to share with you a conversation between SEHN team member Kayhla Cornell and guest Heather Gerhart, creator of The Collaborative Digital Storytelling Hub. 

The Collaborative Digital Storytelling Hub, “The Hub” for short, is a resource designed to recognize our common humanity through story. Which is EXACTLY what we aim to do with this project— bring people together through our stories. The stories of our work, our personal evolutions, and the common threads (and differences) that weave us all together. As Kayhla says in this conversation, 

“I understand that any conversation, especially one like this where we talk about someone’s story and how they come to be who they are—it can be uncomfortable… But I do think that it is one of the most important and impactful ways of connecting humans everywhere…  Especially in times like these that have felt very difficult, very overwhelming, and for a lot of people--hopeless. Sometimes that’s all you need…to know that there are other people out there who have “made it” (and however you see yourself as “making it”). But that’s hope that we all need.”

We aren’t here to define what it means to be successful or to “make it” in the world. However, we are here to amplify voices, particularly womxn’s voices, and bring us all together through our stories. We are here to bring each other hope and encouragement and to share incredible stories of womxn doing great work out in the world. Because that’s hope, celebration, and community that we all need. 

Let’s have a conversation. 

Click here to visit “The Hub” for more information!

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Kayhla Cornell