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Civic Innovation: Realigning the Law with Justice (May 2015 Networker)

SEHN Networker Volume 20 (5) May, 2015 Civic Innovation: Realigning the Law with Justice


Walking the property line: eminent domain and the U.S. oil and gas rush   


Editor's note: Some of the first stories my parents read to me were Beatrix Potter’s fables. Did you know that several of Potter’s tales originated from letters or oral stories she shared with children she was close with? She was also an avid naturalist and conservationist. On her death, she left 4,000 acres to the National Trust.

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Potter’s love for nature was told through her Arcadian fables for children she loved. Stories now told to children who love her natural world but know very little nature [1]. Many children will only know the vast majority of wilderness, wild animals, flora and fauna through stories.

How will we tell children the story of allowing 7.5 million acres (three Yellowstone’s worth) of land stripped bare by U.S. drilling? Of the next million acres? What number is too many? How far down the path of global warming have we gone, and how much further can we safely go?

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In response to the U.S. oil and gas rush, an offering of legal principles 

In this May, 2015 Issue of The Networker, the Science & Environmental Health Network and the Women's Congress for Future Generations offers a set of Some Legal Principles for Mining, Fracking, and Pipelines to serve as one basis for organizing.

Why have legal principles? The intent of these principles is to provide common talking points, a common legal agenda, and an entry point for organizing.

Pipeline in DesertWe invite you to:

Read and Sign On to these Legal Principles.

Take the Legal Principles into your community, and use them in your organizing

We do this work with the assumption that if we can stop a multi-state pipeline in one jurisdiction, we can possibly stop the whole pipeline; and if we can stop one pipeline, we are more likely to shut down tar sands and fracking for gas and oil. To do this, each grassroots group should not have to start from zero.

We invite you to help us continue this work in 2015

Upcoming Events

Visioning to the Seventh Generation May 21, 2015 

Keynotes by: Tom Goldtooth (Dine’ and Dakota) Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Carolyn Raffensperger Founder, Women’s Congress for Future Generations; Executive Director, Science and Environmental Health Network (SEHN)

Where: Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave, St. Paul, MN.

When: Thursday, May 21, 6:00pm - 8:30pm

This event is free and open to the public. For information visit here

 Tom Goldtooth and Carolyn Raffensperger



Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics Conference May 26-28, 2015  

Carolyn Raffensperger, Executive Director (SEHN) Plenary Session II: Inter-Generational Equity and Emerging Technologies

Where: Sandra Day I’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University,Scottsdale, Arizona.

When: Conference held May 26-28 Plenary Session II held Tuesday, May 26th 4:00-5:30pm.

Registration is open: Register Here

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A Story of Developmental Disability, A Story of Health June 11, 2015 

Ted Schettler, Science Director (SEHN and CHE) The Influence of Environmental Exposures and Opportunities for Prevention

Where: Public conference call line

When: Thursday June 11, 2015, 10am PT / 1pm ET

Registration is free and open to the public. Register Here

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