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Give the Gift of Health!

Support SEHN's legal, intellectual, and scientific work for the environmental health movement

"To support the work of environmental public health is to bolster the probability of a non-event: The tumor that never metastasized. The baby carried to term. The carefree child on the playground. For 20 years, prevention has been the work of the Science & Environmental Health Network. Join me this holiday season in supporting the work of this remarkable organization." - Board Member, Rebecca Gasior Altman


Whether it’s helping to stop an auction leasing more public land to drill oil and gas out of the commons, helping a coalition get access to biomonitoring information and science when they’re faced with pesticide exposure, designing legal principles communities can use to say “no” to projects that threaten health, the Science & Environmental Health Network is on the job.


Your support makes that possible.


So often in society we focus on disease and how to respond to problems – think of all the prescription drug advertisements on TV today – that we forget our actual goal is health.


What is health?


Health is fractal; our individual health is inextricably linked to the health of our families, communities, ecosystems, and societies. Wendell Berry says ‘health is membership’. We agree. Health is membership—wholeness—and we are the members. Ill health is not an individual, abnormal problem that needs to be fixed. Our work at SEHN is creating the conditions for health in the system as a whole.


This is what makes your support different. Your dollars will bring our expertise to more communities, allowing them to advocate for and defend their own health, and that of the air, water, and land.


We do this work because we believe environmental and public ill health is a preventable harm; it should not be an expected outcome of living today. We believe that if we can design disease into a system, we can design it out.


And none of it would be possible without the support we receive from you.


Will you make us part of your giving this season? If so, we will continue to work tirelessly for healthy communities, healthy land, and a healthy you.


In good health,

Carolyn Raffensperger, Executive Director


If you prefer to send a check, please send it to:

SEHN, PO Box 50733, Eugene, OR 97405. Connect with SEHN on Facebook and Twitter. Share your ideas with us at

Thanks for sharing in the work of environmental public health.


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