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Join us in telling Obama to “Keep It in the Ground” on September 15th

Dear Friends, In the past year, the movement to end fossil fuel leasing on public lands has grown by leaps and bounds. The “Keep It in the Ground” movement has literally protested every federal leasing auction in the country.

We Need Your Voice Today!  Help us reach 1 Million signatures. Add your voice to the 950,000+ people who are calling on President Obama: 

End New Federal Fossil Fuel Leasing on Public Lands and Waters   

We’ve seen some astounding victories in the past year, in partnership with allies who have fought long and hard for these changes. The Obama Administration put a moratorium on federal coal leasing, and issued a programmatic review of the federal coal program to finally consider climate king-sep-15-graphic-1impacts. Offshore drilling in the Atlantic was banned for the next 5 years. Climate champions in Congress have introduced a House and Senate version of the Keep it in the Ground Act, legislation calling for an end to fossil fuel extraction on our public lands. Eight fossil fuel lease sale auctions have been postponed or cancelled. Reports, petitions, protests, and news stories add more pressure every day.


With this growing movement, the stakes are high. The Obama Administration is in its final home stretch, and the urgency is critical. Human lives are already being lost and negatively impacted by the floods, fires, and droughts from climate change. Millions of acres of the Gulf of Mexico and thousands of acres of land throughout the West are still being leased and sold for fracking, oil and gas drilling. And the Arctic Ocean is still on the table for future oil and gas drilling.


king-sep-15-graphic-3 On September 15, 2016, we’re going to the White House to renew our call and show the strength and diversity of our movement by delivering one million petitions calling on the President to end new coal, oil, and natural gas leasing on public lands and waters.

That day is also just five days before the first online public lands oil and gas auction -  an underhanded attempt to keep the public out of the auction process. We’ve forced them into hiding from the power of our movement, but it’s time to tell the Administration that we are not going away -- we are only growing stronger. Join us.


Kaitlin Butler, Program Director Extreme Energy Initiative lead