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Join with SEHN to Create a Healthier World!

SEHN Networker, Vol 18, No 6, Holiday 2013 Join with SEHN to Create a Healthier World!

The Science & Environmental Health Network is a small organization with uncommon influence. And like ripples on a pond, our impact is magnified through partnerships with allied organizations, scholars and generous individuals like you.

SEHN is, at once, a trusted pillar of the environmental health movement, and a trailblazer on the cutting edge of the law, science and policy necessary to protect our health and environment. Creating social change is a long-term investment, but we regularly see breakthrough moments that affirm the impact of our work.

That is why I invite you to join with us and make a gift to SEHN, today. Your donation moves us toward a healthier, safer world for us all.

In 2013, many of the seeds we've planted have come to fruition. And as we plan for 2014, you can help keep us the momentum. Just two of our recent accomplishments include:

The Ecology of Breast Cancer: the Promise of Prevention and the Hope for Healing, Ted Schettler’s newly-released study, makes the case that while breast cancer is a disease of abnormal cells, it is also a societal design problem. Our agriculture and food systems, aspects of the built environment, and pervasive hazardous chemicals all play a role in breast cancer. We have woven patterns of the disease into the fabric of our communities. But this also means that we can re-weave the design to reduce breast cancer.

Carolyn Raffensperger participated in a working meeting on future generations at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Switzerland this summer. UNEP incorporated SEHN’s work on the Rights of Future Generations into its recommendations to the U.N. General Assembly. In August, the Secretary General of the U.N. cited SEHN’s work on future generations. This follows our successful Women’s Congress for Future Generations, a gathering of women to fulfill our special responsibilities as the first environment for future generations. We are currently planning a Second Women’s Congress with a broad national coalition.

SEHN shines a light on the connections among individual, community, population, and environmental health, and advocates for effective interventions. Our work demonstrates how the designs of our transportation, energy, agricultural and building systems often increase the risk of diseases such as cancer, asthma, diabetes, learning disabilities, cognitive decline and dementia. Working with colleagues across the country, SEHN offers an alternative: to design systems that prioritize health.

You are helping to plant the seeds of this work. We invite you to share in the harvest and join us in creating a healthier future. This is challenging work, and we know from experience that there are no easy answers. But you can be sure that your gift to SEHN will be used in the best way we know: for the good of generations to come.

I hope you’ll make a gift to the Science & Environmental Health Network today, and help us meet our goal of $35,000 from generous individuals.

Thank you for all you do for SEHN, and have a wonderful holiday season!

In gratitude, Carolyn Raffensperger Executive Director

P.S. SEHN is a small organization with a big impact, and your gift makes a tremendous difference. To make a gift of stock, please contact Thank you! Click here to join with SEHN! Upcoming Events SEHN Science Director Ted Schettler will be speaking at the following events:

December 12-13 Portland, OR. Health Care Without Harm Food Matters Meeting December 16 CHE Cafe Call with Michael Lerner and Ted Schettler discussing the themes that emerge from The Ecology of Breast Cancer: The promise of prevention and the hope for healing. Join us in creating a healthier world! Your support makes this work possible. Copyright © 2013 Science & Environmental Health Network, All rights reserved.

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