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Mind the (COP21) Gap: Introducing Climate Countdown - a webseries on the path to Paris

“We will move to a low-carbon world because nature will force us or because policy will guide us. If we wait until nature forces us, the cost will be astronomical.”

- Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on ClimateChange


"2015 is the big year for climate change and this web-series is our way of joining the fight"

- Climate Countdown team


This December, the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will meet in Paris for the 21st annual meeting. The agreements made at this conference are paramount to avoiding dangerous climate change. Yet many people do not know this pivotal gathering is happening, and if they do, it's a complex issue.


SEHN celebrates actions that aim to bridge science with law, policy and ethics for the public. That is why we are excited to share with you work from some of our allies in the the climate justice movement.


Climate Countdown

A webseries brought to you by a team of six who want your eyes on Paris. Climate Countdown engages with the people who are crafting paths toward a pivotal global climate change agreement this December in Paris - COP21.*


The Synopsis

2015 is the year for the global community to tackle the climate change crisis. This web-series – Climate Countdown – maps out what scientists, activists, policy makers and citizens are actually doing to solve this problem. We explore different facets of this complex issue and break it down into bite- sized bits. Join us as we follow the people who are crafting paths toward a pivotal global climate change agreement this December in Paris – COP21.


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The Story

We are on a journey to discover what is actually being done to help make 2015 a game-changing year for the climate crisis. With each episode, we build a better understanding of how the pieces fit together and how we, as citizens, can be engaged and empowered as we countdown to Paris.

Learn more about Climate Countdown, enjoy past episodes and stay tuned for more!

Contact: Kaia Rose / / 805-460-8457 /



1 - 5 summary

Episode 1 focuses on the context of the global climate negotiation process – we look at the history of the COP process, the key scientific concepts informing policymakers, and why we are making this web-series. Episode 2 asks why 2015 is so important and what sets COP21 apart. For episodes 3-5, Kaia joins negotiators in Bonn, Germany as they begin to work on the Paris Agreement. We are also releasing 1-minute Post-It size explanations of certain key concepts, such as COP21, INDCs, and the 2 degrees limit, and updates as important elements of COP21 progress, such as the INDCs and the Agreement.


*All the following from: Climate Countdown_PRESS.pdf

Contact Climate Countdown to hear more about how you can share, partner or contribute to this work.