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September Networker-Women's Congress for Future Generations

Show Up in a Different Way! Support the Work of SEHN and the Women's Congress

Networker: Volume 22 (4) September, 2017



Friends of SEHN,

In two short months the third Women’s Congress for Future Generations will convene in Minneapolis MN. The Congress is a project of the Science and Environmental Health Network born out of the experience and observation that women were largely missing from policy discussions about how we should live together in the larger community of the Earth. We knew that women have responsibilities, not just a right to be at the policy table. We had questions. How can we care for future generations? Are the prevailing ideas of what government is for sufficient to leave the Earth beautiful and habitable? What does justice look like?

We believe that we need to make wise decisions, not just economically-driven decisions. A good way to source wisdom is to consider the health and well-being of our neighbor’s grandchildren. We believe that the gifts and skills necessary for the beloved community to thrive in the midst of the chaos, to become resilient in the face of disasters, arise from the community. We believe that we need young and old, a diversity of cultures and experience to stock the pantry, source wisdom, tend each other and the Earth.

This is why we need YOU at the Women’s Congress.

Carolyn Raffensperger Executive Director




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 The 3rd Women’s Congress invites you to “show up in a different way".

Our role as women, in this environmental moment, is to understand and disrupt the systems that keep us stuck. Join us as we engage in the difficult and necessary work of showing up to reorient the way that we combat racial and environmental injustices through the framework of climate, health and social justice.



Women's Congress Keynote Speakers

We are excited to share information for the 3rd Women's Congress for Future Generations. This year's themes are Climate, Health, and Justice. We are back with another opportunity to convene and grow in our connectedness and in our commitment to future generations. Come join us as we gather around the Sacred Circle and deepen our commitment to Mother Earth. We commit to seeing “water and earth as living entities” and to seeing each other as interrelated beings we care for and protect.





Stories to Mend the Night Songs to Mend the Soul A House Concert by Ilene Evans   hosted by Carolyn Raffensperger         Join us by conference call for an hour of song and story!

Evening of October 3rd      (at 7-8 p.m CT)