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Dear Friends,  

We want to thank you for being part of the environmental health movement in a crucial time. Thank you for doing the hard but important work, side by side with us. Thank you for being part of SEHN in all the ways that you do -- emotionally, financially, intellectually -- your support this year, more than ever, will keep the momentum going.


Loyal friends like you make this work possible. A huge thank you to those who have already given to SEHN this year, we are so grateful.


To those who can make a donation, we welcome your financial support.


You can read about some of the things your generosity has made happen at the end of this letter.


This year we have been developing tools to Re-Align the Law with Justice and by that we mean a justice that restores and mends relationships, communities and the land. The SEHN team's ideas echo in communities across regions. It is exciting to see these tools put to work in local communities:

“While working on a letter to land owners…I noticed a reference to Canadian law that requires early and informed consent to all parties who will be affected by pipeline abandonment. Because I'm studying the Companion for Political Change, that phrase leapt out at me! I was then able to use the knowledge that I gained…” Barbara Draper, Participant in Companion for Political Change Study Group


Ultimately, the work we do is about creating a new narrative that drives system change. We believe health is membership, membership begins with community, and in communion there is power. As activist and board member, Angie Carter, said in a recent interview, “we are not just the consumers of a system, “we are the makers of it”.


Be a change maker. Make us part of your civic engagement this season.


Wishing you and yours a very happy new year.

Carolyn Raffensperger Ted Schettler Sherri Seidmon Kaitlin Butler Ann Manning

The Staff of the Science and Environmental Health Network


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From left to right: SEHN Board Members Rebecca Gasior Altman, Peter Montague, Madeleine Kangsen Scammell along with SEHN staff, Carolyn Raffensperger, Kaitlin Butler, Ted Schettler, Sherri Seidmon and Ann Manning. Board members not present: Benno Friedman, Tom Goldtooth, Bhavna Shamasunder and Angie Carter.





Here's a Taste of 2015


The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition was named one of CREDO’s Climate Heroes


On Behalf of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations project, Ann Manning was awarded the Change Maker Award by the MN Women’s Press


Board Member, Tom Goldtooth was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize for the Indigenous Environmental Network’s contribution to world peace


Listen to Breast Cancer: A Detective Story, a conversation with Carolyn Raffensperger, SEHN Executive Director & Dr. Ted Schettler, Science Director. Full talk and clips now available!


Explore more of the Ecological Model of Health with Ted Schettler, Science Director. On this recorded call, explore the implications of the ecological framework of health as it relates to several diseases that are common in our families and communities today.


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